At Quartier, we combine highly effective modern services with our signature luxury. We select unique treatments explored for the first time in the Middle East and GCC, and provide our clients with a one-of-a-kind spa menu.

We use cutting-edge equipment and scientifically proven beauty technology together with treatments designed to support our body’s natural ability to balance, heal and maintain itself.

  • Wolke 7 Cloud 9 ®

    Treatment timing : 30 Minutes

    Created by the Viennese artist and perception artist “SHA”, this programme exists in only four locations worldwide. It uses a combination of colour, light, visual projections and motion to promote deep relaxation and create a regenerative effect on the nervous system.

    It is the unity of art with modern technology to produce a sophisticated wellness programme designed for the demands of modern life.

    Wolke 7 Cloud 9 ®

    Treatment timing : 30 Minutes

    Our bath treatment enhances your circulation by gently opening capillaries and stimulating blood flow, delivering oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles.

    Light electrical pulses flow through your body, generating a positive impact on your wellbeing, allowing you to relax and revitalize.


    Treatment timing : 60 Minutes

    A highly effective, full-body treatment of slimming oils and creams with intense moisturization. We can apply herbs, mud, restorative algae, flowers or leaves to work magic on your skin whilst covering you in a subtle warmth and subdued light.

    Brought to the Middle East for the first time by Quartier.


    Treatment timing : 90 Minutes

    Pantai Luar is an ancient East Asian massage technique using fragrant herbs heated with medicated oils. It promotes the body’s natural ability to self-heal through stimulating the skin, powerfully promoting cell renewal whilst also reducing muscle tension.

    Brought to the Middle East for the first time by Quartier.


    Treatment timing : 60 - 90 Minutes

    Permanent Contour is a specialised treatment inspired by traditions from East Asia. Steamed herbs and oil are applied to the face and body at a constant temperature with specific massage movements to maximise the penetration of active ingredients, hence therapeutic effect.

    Specific applications are selected to meet individual needs including the reduction of muscle tension, skin rejuvenation and re-mineralizing. Permanent Contour is an unforgettable experience., taking face and body treatment to the next level.

    Brought to the Middle East for the first time by Quartier.


    Treatment timing : 60 Minutes

    Our 24-carat gold hot stone massage is Quartier’s most luxurious massage, and a superbly high-end take on the classic hot stone massage.

    The healing and rejuvenating effect of the 24-carat gold on skin is complemented by the warmth of the stones. Stressed muscles soon feel relaxed and soothed.


    Treatment timing : 30 Minutes

    Halotherapy is an alternative therapy that involves breathing air with a high level of salt. It can be used to alleviate symptoms of some respiratory conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and allergies.


    Treatment timing : 60 Minutes

    Hydrafacials are medical grade resurfacing treatments that clear out pores and hydrate the skin. The four-step treatments include cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating the skin with special serums that are infused into pores with a hydra peel tip.

24-carat Gold Facial 60 minutes
Brightening Facial 60 minutes
Antioxidant Facial 90 minutes
Deep Cleaning 90 minutes
Reviving 90 minutes
Express Hydration 30 minutes
BYONIK Classic 75 minutes
BYONIK Luxury 90 minutes
Hydrafacial Classic 45minutes
Hydrafacial Deep Clean 90 minutes
Hydrafacial Back 45 minutes
Hydrafacial Chest 30 minutes
Quartier Hydrafacial 2 Hours
Underarm Facial 60 minutes
Full Body Hydrafacial 3 Hours
Half Body Hydrafacial 2 Hours
Fire and Ice Facial 45 minutes
Hydrafacial Classic with Fire and Ice 60 minutes
Hydrafacial Deep Clean with Fire and Ice 2 Hours
Quartier Signature Hydrafacial 3 Hours
Swedish Relaxation 60 minutes
Deep Tissue 60 minutes
Detox Massage 90 minutes
24-carat Gold Hot Stone Massage 90 minutes
Oriental Head Massage 30 minutes
Quick Fix Back Massage 30 minutes
Pantai Luar 90 minutes
Permanent Contour Face and Body 90 minutes
Permanent Contour Relaxed Emotions 60 minutes
Reflexology 60 minutes
Extra Massage 30 minutes
Half Arm -----
Full Arm -----
Half leg -----
Full Leg -----
Underarms -----
Neck -----
Full Face -----
Upper Lips or chin -----
Stomach -----
Full back -----
Half Back -----
Full Body -----
Bikini -----
Navel -----
Brazilian with soothing mask -----
Hollywood with soothing mask -----
Eyebrow Shaping – Tweezing -----
Eyebrow Shaping - Threading -----
Full Face Threading -----
Classic Moroccan Hammam 60 minutes
24-carat Gold Moroccan Hammam 75 minutes
Quartier Signature Hammam - Platinum and Pearl 75 minutes
Royal Hammam 75 minutes
Quartier Unique Treatments
Wolke 7 Cloud 9 ® 30 minutes
Evitarium® 30 minutes
Soft-Pack® 60 minutes
Salt Room 30 minutes
Facial Add on
Gold mask -----
Eye and Lip Treatment -----
Décolletage -----