Our bath treatment enhances your circulation by gently opening capillaries and stimulating blood flow, delivering oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles.

Light electrical pulses flow through your body, generating a positive impact on your wellbeing, allowing you to relax and revitalize.



The intensive heat of Quartier’s caldarium deeply penetrates the body, promoting deep relaxation and boosting circulation. Stress will melt away, and skin becomes smoother.

Often used as preparation for a high temperature sauna, or by those unable to use a sauna due to circulatory issues.


Steam Room

A session in our hot steam room has a multitude of health benefits. It positively impacts cardiovascular health by improving circulation and lowering blood pressure.

The hot steam also relieves and loosens joints and muscles as well as opening sinuses, making it particularly beneficial for those suffering from stiff joints or respiratory problems.

Our steam room will leave you with glowing skin, feeling positively refreshed and recharged.



Saunas have a multitude of health benefits. Time spent in our sauna burns calories, flushes out toxins and cleanses your skin. It improves circulation, exercises your cardiovascular system and boosts your immune system, making you less susceptible to catching a cold.



Created by the Viennese artist and perception artist “SHA”, this programme exists in only four locations worldwide. It uses a combination of colour, light, visual projections and motion to promote deep relaxation and create a regenerative effect on the nervous system.

It is the unity of art with modern technology to produce a sophisticated wellness programme designed for the demands of modern life.



A highly effective, full-body treatment of slimming oils and creams with intense moisturization. We can apply herbs, mud, restorative algae, flowers or leaves to work magic on your skin whilst covering you in a subtle warmth and subdued light.

Brought to the Middle East for the first time by Quartier.


Permanent Contour

Permanent contour is a specialised treatment inspired by traditions from East Asia. Steamed herbs and oil are applied to the face and body at a constant temperature with specific massage movements to maximise the penetration of active ingredients, hence therapeutic effect.

Specific applications are selected to meet individual needs including the reduction of muscle tension, skin rejuvenation and re-mineralizing. Permanent Contour is unforgettable experience, taking face and body treatment to the next level.

Brought to the Middle East for the first time by Quartier.


Moroccan Bath

Quartier’s Moroccan Bath improves skin elasticity and refines skin texture by removing dead layers. Skin is softened and whitened. At the same time, the bath helps to relax tired muscles and promotes better blood circulation.