Facial Services


    Hydrafacial Fire & Ice

    A combination of a deep cleaning Hydrafacial and Is Clinical produces our Fire & Ice facial experience. Perfect for skin needing more advanced resurfacing & brightening, and deep cleaning of pores.

    Is Clinical Fire & Ice

    Skin resurfacing and brightening using active botanical ingredients. It increases hydration and antioxidant levels. Suitable for dull, uneven tones and aging skin.


    Deep Clean

    Deep cleans and resurfaces the skin, whilst calming inflammation, and brightening. Skin is infused with vitaminutes, hydrated, and rejuvenated with LED light therapy. Suitable for mild acne, oily skin & congested pores.


    Resurfaces and brightens by infusing vitaminutes and deeply hydrating the skin.For all skin types.


    Resurfaces and cleans congested pores, brightens the skin and calms breakouts on the back.


    Resurfaces and cleans congested pores, brightens the skin and calms breakouts on the chest area.

    Full Body

    Hydrafacial classic treatment for upper arms, upper legs, back, chest and shoulders. Helping to treat body acne, blocked pores and uneven skin tone, this treatment also helps to improve the appearance of rough skin texture.

  • Byonik

    Byonik is the world’s only system that repairs skin at a cellular level and locks in hydration at the same time. It is a non-invasive, patented medical beauty program with a three-step procedure to power up each individual skin cell.

    Byonik Classic

    Infra-red LED treatment that infuses hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of skin. It helps to increase hydration, improve collagen and elastin levels whilst also treating skin sensitivity.

    Byonik Luxury

    All the benefits of our Classic Byonik treatment, with the added luxury of application to the décolletage and hands.

    Quartier Hydrafacial

    A combination of our signature Hydrafacial deep cleaning, paired with our Byonik infra-red LED treatment. Perfect for sensitive, aging or clogged skin.


    Antioxidant Facial

    Brightens and treats skin damaged by pollution, stress and excess exposure to the sun. The treatment contains a high dose of antioxidants.

    Deep cleaning Facial

    Cleans deeply and balances oily skin types. Suitable for oily or congested skin.

    Express Hydration

    Exfoliation techniques together with B5 & hyaluronic acid is used to increase the skin’s hydration levels and smooth the surface in just 30 minutes.

    Brightening Facial

    Non-aggressive resurfacing to brighten sun damaged skin. Suitable for dull skin, or skin with superficial pigmentation.

    Pregnancy Facial

    Cares for skin concerns such as blocked pores, uneven skin tone, dehydration and uneven skin texture.

    We only use pregnancy-safe products.